The rapidly warming climate and collapse of biodiversity is leading to a huge climate crisis. To become part of the solution, we need to learn more and share more information about the things that affect us in our homes and at our own community level?

  • How can we find out what we need to know to benefit ourselves, our local businesses, local community groups and organisations, and make our town more sustainable and environmentally friendly?
  • What green projects locally will benefit the town?
  • How do we know what’s been or is being done already?
  • How can we find out about local environmental and action groups?

Clearly, we're facing a number of challenges, especially during the current COVID Pandemic, when face to face meetings are pretty limited. Until the pandemic is over, it may be difficult to nip out to visit friends, go to the pub or attend local groups where we would normally talk about things. 

People tend to learn at different speeds and not all of us will have appropriate technology to communicate online. 

  • how can we find out about different learning needs and address them?
  • what kind of inclusive learning/information platforms and support mechanisms would be most useful to help everyone increase knowledge and understanding of Climate Change, especially how it affects us at local level?


Thanks to everyone who took part. We look forward to reading your ideas and comments and will let you know what has happened as a result of your input.